First dB

My second consert, Silver supported by Kvelertak. This photo has not been published before, as I only now see that it is quite good!

Looking back at the picture I took as a rookie consert photographer is a mixed-bag. My first consert was Rumble in Rhodos, in Grottene of Folken, a then-new club scene. The lighting was two spots and two old lamps with blood-stains (or what was supposed to look like blood). Looking back, I think the pictures are decent, and I can be proud to show them of as the start of what is now a collection of some 200 concerts. 

Lead singer of Rumble in Rhodos, shot during the short few seconds he actually stood in the beam from one of the spotlights.

When there is no light; shoot abstracts!

Lead guitar in Rumble in Rhodos. I think this shot puts a light on (pun? Maybe…) electric guitar.

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