The train that goes nowhere, except back in time



“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer”, it is said. I have photographed volunteers in a lot of different settings, mostly in culture and music. This last month I have joined a small group of people running a museum railway, providing exciting steam train trips for families and enthusiasts every sunday over summer, and charters for larger groups. Steam trains are dirty, greasy machines on the inside, but is kept shining on the outside.

The railways motto is “The train that goes nowhere, except back in time”. Going the 4km journey there and back again, one is treated to a glimpse into how a railway was run back in the days. Even down to the coal dirt under the stokers fingernails.

_DSF0710 _DSF0718 _DSF0723 _DSF0737 _DSF0515



Sørumsand, july 2015

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