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Notre Dame and the Seine south bank, Paris

This is a panoramic blog post, having recently found a Hasselblad Xpan in a Paris camera shop. The photo below is the first photo from the camera, taken outside Moyen Format where the camera was bought, by my friend and travel companion Halvard Hovtun. The first roll through a camera is always a special one, and it’s exciting to see it come out of the rince bath to get the first indication on how the camera works for you. This time it was even more special, as the first frames where from the streets of Paris, shot before we got on a train due east (See Interrail-posts).





Le Moyen format, Rue Beaumarchais, Paris (Photo by Halvard Hovtun)




Luxembourg city





Rivage, Belgium




Brussels, Belgium



Oslo, Norway




Oslo, Norway



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