Remember the man in the window seat


I recently exhibited theese three photographs in the Oslo Students Photo Club members exhibition, themed “Everyday”. The exhibition was open to broad interpretations, but I did a quite literal take on my thoughts and concernes throughout my workday.

Infrastructure is a wierd thing. People take it for granted when it works, and the people who actually make it work hardly meets the people using it. But everyone plays a part in the Big Machine. The city is a creature, the roads and rails its bloodwessels. The commuters are the blood-cells. Yesterday, I rode in the jump seat in the cab of a intercity train outbound from Oslo with a friend of mine who’s an engineer. He is my age, yet rides around with hundreds of people in the back seat. He, and the countless other workers on the railways make our cities work. What a tremendous responsibility!

I think I need to meet the engineers and the men with greasy fingers, as well as sweating in the crammed cabins with tired commuters, to give meaning to my job. I try to old on to small threads navigating tiny pieces in a big puzzle. I need a reality–check now and then…!


Remember the little train in the forest






Remember to keep the wheels rolling



From the top:

Copenhagen, october 2014

Movatn, november 2014

Ryen depot,  Oslo, june 2014





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