Minor differences

Raw-converted using LR3
Raw-converted using LR4

I try to claim not be be a gear-freak (although, as a male nerd with time on his hand, I do like to get some nice toys), but one can sometimes see minor differences making a major impact. I’m working on a review of my X100 (and now that rumours of an X100S is floating around I guess this is a great time to do it) and my main conclusion there is that the camera have enabled me to get pictures I couldn’t get with a DLSR. Although the latter outspecs the former, the former wins in size, handling and design.
The two pictures above points out the difference between two editions of Adobe Lightroom. In going from v3 to v4 the raw-converter was heavily upgraded, making this picture of me from Kjerrag, photographed by André Hanssen using my D300s, come out in a new light. The LR3 version was plagued with burnt highlights and deep shadows – the contrasts in the subject too great to handle, while the LR4 version pulls it off.

Minor differences, but differenes that makes a picture usable for a perfectionist nerd like me!

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