Prosjektbeskrivelse: The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond – A tribute to R.E.M.

From their first concert at Kate’s birthday party at a converted church in the college town of Athens, GA. in the late ’70s, R.E.M. have climbed from being a indie-rock rarity to the throne of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Along the way their 173 songs have left their marks on the minds of people.

My pursuit of America has become a pursuit of understanding. Photography is breaking a large picture into smaller, comprehendible pieces in order to clarify and explore. When I tried to understand America the cake became too large to cut. America is one of those things you know a lot about, but really can’t imagine. It is half a world away, and is too unknown to break down to small pieces if you haven’t been there.

I had to go there. To understand.

One day, while doing the dishes, I managed to break America up into exactly 173 pieces.

I suddenly imagined one photo for each song R.E.M. has made and recorded for their 14 albums and one EP. 15 chapters over 173 pages.

Suddenly America was near, it was comprehendible, something I could get my hands on and manageable. America was suddenly in the tracks of my vinyls, in the sound I heard over the speakers. This I can do.

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